FLASHBACK: The Conference Room is Completed!

Completed finally! A new meeting room is born!

The project is finally completed.

Previously, the floor inside the meeting room is uneven. It even affects the effort just opening and closing the door. The materials used herein were imported from Japan – creating an ambience that really feels Japanese in make.


The entrance to the meeting room was installed with Japanese wallpaper.

The entrance door is also imported from Japan. Keeping in mind the evenness needed for the floor, the door was ensured to not rub off against it.

Inside the meeting room, wallpaper cross are displayed for a Japanese look and feel.

Adding more of the Japanese feel, the ceiling is knitted with a bamboo design and stainless steel lattice with wood and grain pattern.

Although the lamp is purchased locally, we picked one with a Japanese feel also.

The construction of the meeting room was completed with the above details.
Being inside the meeting room, a visitor will be submerged to the feeling of having a meeting in Japan.

TGR provides Japanese-quality comfort, a sense of relaxation and an ambient feeling of being in Japan or in other preferred places; hence, a comfortable lifestyle suitable for our clients.

From us here at TGR, we are looking forward to working with you.

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