At K’s condominium unit, Japanese style renovation is completed!

At one condominium in Manila, the renovation work of K’s unit was finally completed!

Mr. K is saying like “sloppy fine finish is anxious” such as having scratches, uneven painted surface and poorly built doors.

TGR concerns in being cautious during construction and aims for the best renovation even in a single detail.
Were you been able to observe a quality finish of a showroom in the Philippine? Could Mr.K satisfy the interior design ?

Please see our completed condominium unit!

With the masonry works before the renovation, it turned out that the thickness of the wall varies from different rooms of the unit, and the door frame was hard to fit perfectly with the wall.
We did not forget our commitment to fix it, and in the end we were able to adjust the thickness difference of walls and door frames .

The floor is very visible, thus, the floor tiles and other accessories within the rooms were carefully installed.

Although the ceiling is with a painted rough finish, wherein, perpendiculary with the wall with wallpaper, its corner was applied with chitin perfectly.

The cabinet with shelves in the living room was also installed successfully, having an elegant finish.

“If this such a beautiful room, I can live my house everyday having like an entertainment while relaxing”. Will you agree with me?

This is the  living room where a blue wallpaper shines on a pure white pillar.

Meanwhile, the bedroom has an impressive finish. We will propose it for your ideal concept!

Using high-quality Japanese fixtures and construction equipment, we have completed a Japanese-style renovation that offers beauty down to the fine details.

We develop spaces fitted with the latest Japanese equipment designed for comfortable living, and propose Japanese tastes, styles and gorgeous designs to deliver the perfect lifestyle you desire.

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