” Japanese-quality” renovation in salon is finally completed !

The renovation work for salon office, it was untouched before,  now it`s almost completed !

The impression of Kiyosa salon was like a white based tile and luxury design before.

This time, we sustain the ambiance of salon but it became more feminine interior design.

Also it was more functional design which is using japanese quality for each important process.

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Basically we choose white color,  symbol of cleanness, and we also choose pink around the the design is more feminine which fits nail salon.

The floor is heightened a bit, since there is duct under the floor. it looks neat and nicer because there is no extra wire for the aircon which is attached at the end of the room.

The entire room is unified now, because the balance of light pink floor tile and wine red chair is splendid.

We put  cabinets at the backside of reclining chair and there is fixtures shelf also at below portions.We do electrical works and installed an outlet inside the shelf.

We need also storage space because the salon staffs use various kinds of instruments.Movable shelf is also installed and it is adjustable depends on the usage.

We choose a wallpaper if it is too plain, we choose a wallpaper which we can enjoy the texture.White looks clean, but if it is to plain the impression might be too much simple…

We choose gorgeous spangle design wallpaper, as accent of wall.

If lights on, the atmosphere will be more and more gorgeous.

We cannot notice anymore, the floor was rough and there was hole in the wall before.

Japanese living spaces are known for their long-lasting, high-grade fixtures, cutting-edge equipment bringing smart functionality to daily life, and beautiful interiors with a meticulous attention to detail.

To bring that lifestyle to our valued customers in the Philippines, we carefully select fixtures and construction materials and perform careful installation work using advanced techniques.

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