New Tokyo Grand Renovation will be started!

Nice meet to you everyone.

This year, Tokyo Grand Renovation has begun a new start! Under the guidance of the company Nexus – R – Asia,

We will begin to do interior design in business using Japanese building technology and Japanese building materials

From the end of January, we have been preparing little by little from last year to do interior designing work for the first time after renewal. Although it is a photographed picture, I will introduce some of it!

The building materials lined up in a row. Approximately 80% of the parts used in TGR are made in Japan.

It is a white label affixed to the box and manages all what is contained in each member.

I will do this one by one by hand. It is a steady work, but it is a very important task.

A Interior designing work of Tokyo Grand Renovation, we will use Japanese-made parts, building materials and tools to provide unique technology and services unique to Japan. And its precise service is before construction. It already begins from preparing the materials.

I will continue to introduce the progress of construction in this blog in the future.

Please expect it!



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